Kitchen Curtains

I am trying to pull the some of the burgundy out of my kitchen and thought I would try replacing my kitchen curtains.

The first place I went to get ideas was one of my favortie blogs she used coffeee bean sacks for hers. I could not find any with the color, or lack of color that I wanted so I decided to make mine. I had all the supplies on hand.
I just cut the burlap the size of the window and added three inches to fold over and hang my rod in. I cut a freezer paper stencil on my Silhouette and forgot to reverse the image so my lettering was backwards. I decided I actually kinda liked it that way. I just used black craft paint.

I frayed the edges a little and had to trim them down a little beacuse they were a little to long. Some how I ended up getting a upwards dip in the one side but everyone said it was not noticable. I hope they were not just saying it to be nice and save me being irritable for having to redo it.

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Kitchen Canisters

I found a post on pintrest where they used waterslide decals to create labels on glass canisters. Here were my current ones which my husband said “what are wrong with those ones?” silly man.

Not sure if I had the wrong product or what happened but this did not work for me. I used decal paper but I am guessing it is not the same. I ended up wasting the whole pack of paper. Then I tried recreating the same lables in vinyl which didn’t work cause it was way to small.

I ended up going with something nice and simple instead that I just cut out of vinyl and applyed to the canisters.

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Refinished Table and Chairs

As you might know from previous posts the one has been waiting in the wings for awhile. I knew if I didn’t get it done while the weather was warm it was going to be next year.
Even though there are plenty of pics of my table from other posts I thought I would remind you again what it looked like.

Now I am going to say it was because I was so excited to finish this project that I did not get any pictures of the progress. Dont’ let that fool you into thinking this was a fast process because it was not. Lots of drying time. First I sanded everything down, wiped it down and primed it. I did a couple of coats of primer. Then it was time to paint. I want to add that if you have a paint sprayer or have access to one, use it! Chairs and table legs are not fun to paint by hand. I did three to four coats of paint with 12 hours of drying time in between coats. Then comes the varnish. I admit that I kinda cheated at this point and got spray varnish for the chairs and table legs. I did three coats. For the top of the table I restained it a dark walnut and then four thick coats of varnish.

I also recovered my chair cushions. I also had some cordinating fabric that I made a table runner and two chair covers for.

I absolutely love it but am so glad I am done!

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Cheveron Painted Rug

After seeing Shelly’s tutorial on her Chevron painted rug I knew I needed to give it a try. Pretty simple to do. I did skip the sanding part at the end. I figured with time it will have the same sanded look. You can follow the tutorial I used on her blog

I forgot to take a picture before I started but atleast I remembered before I was done. :)

Here it is in place and finished. I love it.

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Halloween Crafts

Yes it has been awhile. It hasn’t been that I have not been crafting just I have not been posting. So I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I know it is past Halloween but thought I will post a couple of crafts I finished for Halloween this year

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Metal Star Redo

Remember when the metal stars were the big home décor must have? Yeah mine is still hanging in my entryway. I decided instead of just sticking it in storage I would try and update it. So I pulled out my scrapbook paper, mod podge, and paint brush.


I cut the scrapbook paper down to smaller sizes and just started gluing. After I had the whole star covered in paper and dried I wanted to age it a little bit so I pulled out my dark stain. I was thinking I would paint it on and then rub it off and let it settle in the cracks. Well silly me it doesn’t rub off like wood it seeped right into the paper and stayed. So I had to go over the whole star with the stain. It ended up being a dark brown instead of a light cream like I wanted. It might just end up in storage anyway but at least I tried.


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Wow it has been few and far between! Things have been the usual crazy busy here but why so long? I seem to have fallen into some kind of crafting rut. Anyone else have this problem? Well, like most of us, I need inspiration from somewhere to get my creative juices flowing. There are SO many different places to get inspired I wanted to dedicate this post to the different places of inspiration!

TV – HGTV and DIY need I say more Smile

Online – Pinterest is huge hit and growing day by day with more and more pins. Did you know they even have craft shows online? Check out  My Craft Channel Shelly from House of Smith’s has a segment on here.

Magazines – There is a magazine for pretty much anything from do it yourself projects to Country Style. Did you know that HGTV just came out with their own Magazine 

Catalogs – Pottery Barn, Ballard Design, Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware are a few of my favorites and they are FREE!

Other Houses – I have such a hard time driving by model homes and not stopping. Don’t forget your phone has a camera on it, use it! And don’t be afraid to ask questions.. What color of paint is that? Where did you get the couch?  I hope everyone goes to Parade of Homes. Utah County’s is coming up next month. You can buy tickets here.

Stores – Who can walk into Tai Pan Trading and not be inspired? Store displays are carefully thought out and easily replicated.

Blogs – This has to be my favorite! I have about twenty go to blogs that I check frequently for ideas.

I am sure there are a few that I missed but I hope that if you find yourself in a inspiration slump at least one of these will help. I know they did me. Smile

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